Brandy O! (2015)

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 9.13.26 AMBrandy O is lively, tuneful, and fun. I love it!”
-Cokie B. Roberts, journalist and author of Founding Mothers and Ladies of Liberty

“From the first grab of the violinist’s bow, this is a CD that draws in the listener in a warm embrace and creates an intimate sound space, a virtual 18th-century parlor populated by superb musicians and engaging vocalists.”
-Deane Root, PhD, Director of the Canter for American Music at the University of Pittsburgh

“Vocals and harmonies are crisp, instrumentation is pitch-perfect, and arrangements make for a pleasant jaunt into the past for joy-filled listening.”
-School Library Journal (starred review)

From the vast collection of music in the households of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, we have distilled this spirited selection for your most excellent diversion.
The booklet includes 24 pages of liner notes.

1. Nottingham Ale
2. Peggy Perkins
3. Brandy O!
4. Lully’s Minuet
5. Here’s a Health to Ane I Lo’e Dear
6. The Roast Beef of Old England
7. Thomas and Sally (Overture)
8. Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
9. College Hornpipe
10. Sliced and Peppered
11. Come Fill Me a Bumper
12. Crazy Jane
13. Felton’s Gavotte
14. Welcome, Mighty Chief, Once More! (written for George Washington)
15. America, Commerce, and Freedom
16. Begone, Dull Care
17. Nottingham Ale (reprise)
TOTAL TIME: 47 minutes

Anne Enslow–hammered dulcimer, soprano vocals
Ridley Enslow—violin, baritone vocals
Christa Patton—harp, flute, pennywhistle
John Cantrell—harpsichord
John Kirk—violin, harmony vocals
Andy Rutherford—English guitar
Abby Newton—cello
Linda Russell—alto vocals
Tony Ramos—baritone and bass vocals
Dan Berggren–bass vocals
Kathy Cantrell–soprano vocals
Laura Bennett–alto vocals

2 Responses to Brandy O! (2015)

  1. Dan & Marty Campanelli says:

    If the music is as good as the cover photo, it’s going to be a big hit!!!!!! Best of luck from a couple of your groupies.

  2. Kevin Lindsey says:

    The music is indeed as good as the picture. I truly enjoyed the CD. I also very much appreciate that the music is drawn from the libraries of Washington and Jefferson. It gives the music a special meaning to anyone who appreciates the history of it. Thanks!

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