A Musical Journey in the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark (2006)

“I commend you on an incredible job. This is different from everything else out there.” -Robert J. Moore, Jr., co-author of Lewis and Clark: Tailor Made, Trail Worn–Army Life, Clothing & Weapons of the Corps of Discovery

“You will enjoy the musical journey as much as I have.” –Gary Moulton, University of Nebraska, editor of The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

The journals of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark make many references to music and dancing. The leaders of the expedition were not musicians themselves. But two of the men who went with them—Pierre Cruzatte and George Gibson—played the violin, and others sang. Music brought welcome entertainment to the men, far from home. It also served as a diplomatic bridge to the American Indians they met on their way. This CD and the accompanying book trace their journey. . .

1. Jefferson and Liberty
2. The President
3. Good Night and Joy Be With You All
4. La Nouvelle Carel
5. St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning (with narration)
6. V’la l’Bon Vent
7. Flowers of Edinburgh
8. Jaw Harp
9. Rigaudon
10. Ding Dong Merrily on High
11. The Old Year Now
12. Hidatsa Friendship Song (with narration)
13. Miss Moore’s Rant
14. Contredanse
15. The Girl I Left Behind Me
16. Bung Your Eye
17. Fisher’s Hornpipe
18. Alloa House (with narration)
19. Noel Nouvelet / Childgrove (with narration)
20. Air from Purcell
21. Auld Lang Syne
22. Staten Island Hornpipe
23. Rise, Columbia!
24. Captain Clark’s Quickstep
25. Welcome Here Again (with narration)
26. Fill Every Glass
27. The Mighty Deeds of Captain Lewis
28. Minuet
29. Love in a Village / Successful Campaign / Barbarini’s Tambourine
30. Mandan Heartbreak Song
Total time: 72 minutes

Anne Enslow—vocals, hammered dulcimer, hambone, spoons, foot rhythms, goat-hoof rattles
Ridley Enslow—vocals, violin, rainstick
John Kirk—vocals, violin, mandolin
Christa Patton—flute, whistle, pipe and tabor, triple harp
Abby Newton—cello
Keith Bear—Native American flutes, vocals
Myron Bretholz—bodhran
Dan Berggren— spoken word, harmony vocals
John Pieza—spoken word

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