When Johnny Comes Marching Home (2011)

Our fourth CD features the most important Civil War classics, along with some of the more obscure songs plucked from the archives.

This amazing music brings the past vividly to life with emotion, sensitivity, and grace. No one quite plays the piano like Jacqueline Schwab. Her pacing is unique, her artistry authentic and sustaining; this work is one of her best.”  -Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker

An outstanding disc, every track filled with understanding, tenderness, creativity, and faithfulness to the lives and passions of the music’s original performers.” –Deane Root, director of the Center for America Music, University of Pittsburgh

  1. The Battle Cry of Freedom
  2. The Vacant Chair
  3. Get Off the Track!
  4. The Bonnie Blue Flag
  5. Weeping, Sad, and Lonely
  6. Confederates’ Polka March
  7. The Southern Soldier Boy
  8. All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight
  9. The Year of Jubilo
  10. Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
  11. For the Dear Old Flag I Die
  12. Hard Times Come Again No More / Hard Tack
  13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
  14. Marching Through Georgia / Lament for Georgia
  15. All Hail to Ulysses!
  16. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  17. Total time: 55:26

    Anne Enslow—hammered dulcimer and soprano vocals
    Ridley Enslow—violin and baritone vocals
    Jacqueline Schwab—piano
    John Kirk—violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and tenor vocals
    Linda Russell—mountain dulcimer and alto vocals
    Christa Patton-pennywhistle, flute, harp, and alto vocals
    Kim and Reggie Harris—vocals
    Abby Newton—cello
    Dan Berggren—bass vocals
    Mark Dann—bass

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